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Kim Grimes

While enjoying life as a classical singer and costumer, I have also had the privilege of pursing my passion for home design.

As a child and teen I loved rearranging the furniture, sketching/drawing, crafting or anything involving creativity. I was also pretty good with a hammer and nails, making things out of wood in my father’s woodworking shop.

Having to move to different parts of the country as my husband’s career would dictate, has given me hands on experience for home staging and redesign.  I know what it takes to get that SOLD sign up.  Although stressful, moving into a home in a new town has always been thrilling.  I love unpacking and placing furniture and furnishings in new and unexpected ways.

Through the years friends and family have told me what a great eye I have for design and acquaintances have asked if I were a designer. I have enjoyed helping others with their design questions and problems.

After moving to North East Florida a few years ago and the “nest” was empty. I decided to pursue redesign full time. I received my certification in redesign and home staging through the Association of Design Education.  I am a professional member of ADE and RESA.

I look forward adding you to my list of clients for your decorating needs.


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