KMG Redesigned Interiors Portfolio

Real Estate Staging Project

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Edited out personal items and memorabilia from bookcase and wall of library creating a neutral environment. Rearranged furniture and removed screen in living room so potential buyers could see the view. We removed furniture pieces and accessories from the dining room to draw the eye to the architectural feature wall.


 Redesigned Interiors Project

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Homeowner required that the recliner not be moved from its original spot. We honored the request and created a lovely inviting space.


Redesigned Interiors Project

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Room was quite dark and crowded with collections. By rearranging a few furniture pieces, changing lighting, adding lighter artwork to the dark paneled walls and editing accessories, the room appears much brighter now.


Redesigned Interiors Project

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The homeowner of this small cottage with limited space travelled extensively and lived in South America for a few years where she collected textiles, blankets, shawls and many fabrics. She enjoyed displaying them throughout her living space. We rearranged the furniture to create better flow and used her collected fabrics in the redesign.


Redesigned Interiors Project

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This living room had become somewhat of a “catch all”. Decluttering, arranging the furniture adding artwork and accessories from other areas of the home created a beautiful space and the desired space for entertaining guest.


Redesigned Interiors Project

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Bookcases and China Cabinets that are full of collections can be edited and rearranged to better showcase the homeowner’s treasures.