Real Estate Staging

real estate staging
Home for Sale – Staging sells!

Real estate staging is the art of decorating a house to sell fast and at the highest price. Real estate staging also known as home staging is a relatively new concept in the real estate market that has shown incredible results. By staging a home, sellers can attract buyers faster and get a higher selling price.

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Advantages of home staging:

The 2012 RESA study showed homes not staged prior to listing averaged 166 days on the market whereas staged homes averaged 26 days on the market. Investing in home staging before listing resulted in the home selling 87% faster. Spending 1% to 3% of the list price on staging is less expensive that than the first price reduction.

Let’s see what kinds of advantages are available after home staging
  1. Increase the selling price of homes
  2. Staged homes are sold two or three times faster
  3. Home staging cost is less than giving a discount
  4. Staged homes are more attractive and appealing to potential buyers

Our Staging Services Include

advantages of home staging

  1. Staging: We will develop a layout plan using your existing furniture and accessories, editing as needed to showcase your home. Potential buyers will have a better perspective of everything your home has to offer.
  2. Blank Staging: Many buyers cannot envision the potential of a vacant space. A non-furnished space will seem smaller than a properly furnished one. Our vast knowledge of furniture placement will create a beautiful home that grabs the buyers at first site.
  3. Furniture Ideas: At times existing furniture will not always present the home in its best light. We know how to choose and place furniture to get the most out of any home large or small.
  4. Color Selection: Color plays an important role in your homes first impression on a potential buyer. We will help you choose the best color combinations, so you home looks its best and sells fast.
  5. Lighting Solution: Lighting is the vital component for a good looking home. We position furniture and lighting, in a way that will showcase the home in the best possible way.

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