Paint Color Consultation

paint color consultationChoosing the right paint color combination is an important for part of creating an inviting and comfortable feel for your home or office. The experts at KMG Redesigned Interiors are always ready to help with choosing the right paint colors.

We can help with the difficulties you may face when deciding on the right color palette:

  1. Lack of experience with different color combinations

    Choosing the appropriate paint colors for your home or office is not always and easy task without the proper training and experience. At KMG we can help you decide on the right shades of colors to best coordinate with your furniture and accessories and get the look and feel you are wanting.

    With our guidance we can show you how experimenting with different aspects of color can be an enjoyable experience for any home owner. Let us help you make sure you choose the perfect color combination for your home or office.

  2. There are so many shades and color combinations

    We understand how confusing it can be when trying to decide on which paint colors are best suited for your home. There is almost an unlimited number of color shades to choose from and most home improvement stores are only able to provide minimal assistance when figuring out which color is right for you. Creating numerous shades is rather simple, on the other hand selecting the perfect color combination is much more difficult and confusing without the guidance of a professional.

  3. Colors may appear different at your home than they did at the store

    Paint colors will appear quite different on the walls of your home than they did when viewed at a retail outlet. Different lighting, reflections and the ambiance of your home will make the colors appear differently.

    At KMG Redesigned Interiors, we maintain a deep level of knowledge and awareness of the effects different lighting has on the characteristics of colors. We know which colors will be best suited for your home or office based on the ambiance and lighting arrangements of the space.

color consultationEvery organic color has numerous shades to choose from. There may be as many as 40 different shades of green at your local home improvement store. Lime green, apple green, bright green, Paris green, olive green, etc. Each shade of a color has unique traits of their own and certain shades of a color may not be suitable with the ambiance of your home even though it looks great in the store.

Our experts visit your home or office to examine the lighting and style to help determine the right color combination that will work best in your home. Applying the right colors will greatly improve the ambiance of your home or office. You will be amazed at how something as simple as a color change can alter the look and feel of any residence.

Contact KMG Redesigned Interiors to see what an impact choosing the right color combination can have on your home or office.