KMG Interior Redesign Services

We define ourselves as design professionals that bring the best out of every space, by optimizing the use of colors and rearranging the pieces you already own to get the most out any room in your home. We can turn your house into the home of your dreams without having to purchase any new furniture or accessories. Read on to get an idea of the interior redesign services we provide.


Redesign: Recycle Reuse Redefine

Interior RedesignWe are experts in uncovering the hidden beauty of your space. We analyze the architecture and ambiance of your home, combine that with your personal style, and accordingly plan the rearrangement of your interior furniture and accessories. Once we have worked our redesign magic, your room will be more functional and attractive. For this interiors redesign service, you don’t have the expense of purchasing new furniture or additional accessories. By reusing your existing things, in a new way, we can completely redefine your space. At KMG Redesigned Interiors, we believe that there is hidden potential in all your furniture and accessories. What you already own could be rearranged in multiple ways. We use the architectural detail of your home and furnishings that you already love and rearrange them to achieve optimal functionality and visual impact.


Redesigning spaces for how you live

Redesigned InteriorsYour home may have space constraints that cramp your lifestyle. We address this problem by strategically placing your furnishings, giving you more room for easy and contented living. Are you planning a relocation or downsize? KMG is here to help you get the most out your furniture and accessories after your move. To get your existing interiors and furniture in a new residence with a different design and smaller living space, we begin with extensive research and planning. We inspect your destination, get to know its traits and measurements and then formulate a strategy that makes your existing interiors and furniture fit appropriately.


Home for Sale – Staging sells!

Real Estate StagingReal Estate staging can increase the appeal of your home to potential buyers. We know what home buyers want in their dream house and rearrange interiors, so potential buyers will see the best your home has to offer. We are confident that your potential buyers will find it difficult to say “No” after visiting your revamped and perfectly staged home. At first it may be hard to believe the impact real estate staging can have on selling your home. Our customers have confirmed they received a higher selling price and were able to sell their home more quickly after using our real estate staging services.


Bringing life to homes with colors

Paint Color ConsultationIt is amazing what you can do with a can of paint. The right colors have the ability to enhance the look and feel of any residence. You can make a room look cozier, larger or accent a feature wall or a piece of art for very little expense with a fresh coat of paint in just the right color. Choosing the right paint colors can sometimes be overwhelming with all the options and combinations available. KMG Redesigned Interiors provides paint color consultations to help you select the best color combinations to suit your home and style. We work closely together with our clients helping them decide on the best colors for the home. We understand that every person has different tastes; we will help with color selection to complement the style, furniture and accessories of each individual homeowner.